What other services do you provide?

Investing should not be done in isolation.  In fact, attempting to create an investment plan without first understanding all facets of a person or family's financial life, is asking for trouble.  Therefore, it is our objective to first create an overall financial plan, detailing out your current financial status (where you are) and your goals and objectives (where you want to go).  Please note that good financial planning does not need to be done only if you have assets to invest.  In fact, making good financial decisions should be a priority, whether you have millions to invest, or are just starting out.  In either case, we're here to help.

In addition to the financial plan, we assess and evaluate the risks in your life and determine what types of insurance you should have, how much coverage you need, and who should be covered in the event something happens.

And for when you pass away, good estate planning is key.  We review your legal documents and work with your estate planning attorney to ensure that all your affairs are properly structured, so that you can minimize probate and estate taxes and make sure those most important to you are taken care of.