Investment Philosophy


As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, we are obligated to maintain a fiduciary standard, meaning that we serve your interests first, all the time.
The fiduciary standard is the highest standard of care between two parties, requiring us as advisors to prudently take care of our clients' money and to be extremely loyal at all times. There is never a conflict of interest. This standard dovetails nicely with our model of providing advice on a fee-only basis. Because we avoid the conflicts of interest inherent in other fee models, we are able to place the client first.

Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is passive, meaning we accept the returns of the markets. We do not engage in market timing or stock picking, which have been proved to add costs  and no additional returns. By being passive, we can focus on our clients' risk tolerance, on reducing costs, and improving diversification. Being passive allows us to spend time reviewing your financial plan and making sure that you make sound financial decisions in all aspects of your life.